Why not having a thigh gap is better…

I was once told that a woman is not considered at her peak of fitness until she has a thigh gap. That  a thigh gap somehow determined a person’s health. That is the most absurd thing I have EVER heard. After hearing this I spoke with my trainer at the gym and she almost fell over. She is a very petite five foot, 130lb (guesstimate), super-buff woman. She’s without a doubt one of the healthiest women I know and she almost got angry with me that I would even question that statement. She began by showing me that her thighs touched then went on to say that if I looked at any woman that ran on a regular basis and worked to become healthy, I would not find a thigh gap.

forget the "thigh gap"

I’m not saying that women with thigh gaps aren’t healthy or fit because lets face it there are some VERY lucky women out there who don’t even have to work for it. Do I wish my thighs didn’t touch? In most occasions, yes but only because I hate chafing.

Here are a few good reasons why not having a thigh gap is wonderful…

1. Having a gap almost always guarantees that you won’t have a nice butt. Squats work your gluteus maximus (butt), your quads, and your hamstrings (those last two are your upper legs) so in order to work your butt, you have to also work your thighs which result in a muscle development which make for those amazing, strong legs. I have never heard a man say “Wow, check out that thigh gap,” but I have heard a lot say “That is a nice ass.”

2. This may be old news for some of you, but more fat in the butt and thighs lead to a healthier heart. A report put out by ABC News stated that women who carry fat in their hips and thighs are less likely to suffer from certain health diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease when they were compared to women who carry fat in their stomach.

3. Having a “thigh gap” is a newly found trend that our grandparents have never even heard about. Most men, have never heard about it. To be honest women are only trying to get a thigh gap to impress other women. Sooooo start trying to impress your significant other, not that stuck-up in high school that criticized you for the true beauty you are.

4. The ongoing concern that every woman needs a thigh gap can lead to eating disorders in women of all ages. So being a role model of being healthy, sexy, and having your thighs touch make you that much more desirable and respected, #AntiThighGap.


I was absolutely mortified when I saw the two pictures above. Starving yourself may drop the numbers on the scale but it will not make you any healthier and could cause serious health risks such as anorexia which is a disease that cannot be taken lightly (no pun intended).

Despite all the serious reasons why striving for a thigh gap is dangerous here are a few humors reasons having your thighs touch is awesome:

5. Having a thigh gap leads to the assumption that you want to have chicken legs like Spongebob.


6. Built in cup holder.

6. This is just classic and true, we’ve all been there and done that.

7. You’re a mystical goddess. You’re a mermaid.

8. You’re always warm in the winter. Where else are you going to put your hands when you forget gloves?

9. This guy won’t show up at your door…… thank goodness.

10. Thighs that touch are a defense mechanism. Being a strong woman is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it does mean your thighs touch.

11. Easier to clean up after yourself.

12. I’m too sexy for…. a thigh gap

13. The picture says it all.

14. Because the woman on the left is way sexier than the woman on the right.