It All Adds Up

Here’s my accountability for the past two days and what work I’ve put in. Some at the gym, some at home, and some in the snow!! Having my Polar fitness watch has made counting my workouts so much easier and I can’t wait to workout and see what my heart rate is going to be and how many calories I’ll burn. It’s only been three days and I feel great!

At home image… workout to come!

image  ←More fun in the snow!

Kinetik Fitness→ imageGym time!

Kinetik Fitness→ imageGym time!

I love sharing these numbers with everyone. I can’t wait to have more at home work outs for everyone to try. I also plan to add recipes and any tips and tricks I can provide. Please remember this is a journey that I’ve just began and I’m looking to have followers through out the journey, not once it’s over. I see so many people on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that have lost a lot of weight but we never see too much progress or how they do it and I want to be motivation and give workouts/meal ideas to have others go along with me. I hope that I can gain more followers so we can all have accountability with each other. Please feel free to follow my blog and email me/comment any questions. I’m happy to help!

FYI: Kinetik Fitness is a gym that is similar to work outs that I do at home only they involved more equipment. No treadmills, ellipticals or steppers, but they have weights, bands, medicine balls, etc. It’s a lot of body weight workouts which is similar to the workouts I do at home. There’s an example of one of my at home work outs in an early post “There’s No Excuse.” I don’t post any workouts that I haven’t done myself. I will do my best to post more workouts as I do them at home! 🙂




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