Who ever said burning calories isn’t fun?

After my husband and I decided to hit the gym at 3:45pm I was motivated and ready. I couldn’t wait to try my Polar Watch at the gym and then go tanning afterward to prepare for our trip to Florida! On our way to the gym things changed and we ended up going to pick up a snowmobile.

I was extremely disappointed that I wouldn’t get to go to the gym or tan but we were going to my parents house to sled ride with my niece and nephew so I saw that as my opportunity to get some exercise in.

I opt out of the option of riding the snowmobile back up the hill after taking the sled down. I had my Polar Watch set and it turns out I burnt over 500 calories in less than an hour! I was ecstatic!  I told myself I had to at least burn off that glass of wine but my glass of wine plus my lunch was equaled out. Who ever said burning calories isn’t fun? I had a blast going down the hill that it made the calorie-burning climb well worth it.


This is a lesson in working with what you have in your every day surroundings. It’s way too cold for me to run but it wasn’t to cold to put on 10 layers and slide down the hill with two really great kids! Do you have any outdoor work outs that burnt more calories than you would have thought? I would love to hear about them!


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