Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

My doubling up of working out and playing in the snow is paying off! I wasn’t able to keep track of all my work outs this week with my Polar Watch because I forgot to put it on two of my 8 workouts 😡  but I lost 4 pounds this past week and I now weigh 156lbs. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that number on the scale.

I’ve been trying to put more protein in my diet and I really believe that’s the difference.

I have a protein drink after my morning work out and it really keeps me full in the mornings. I don’t have an urge to snack which I think has really helped. I’ve found delicious recipes for chicken breasts so that I never get bored. I recommend just oil and balsamic vinegar or Weber Seasoning packet. For these you just marinate the chicken with either orange juice, lime juice, or lemon juice. So good! My husband and I have been putting the chicken over lettuce with an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing that we mixed up ourselves (way easier than it may sound, we literally just put oil in a container then the vinegar then shook it up). It’s very good and filling!

I also recommend trying Ezekiel bread, it’s sprouted bread so it has to be kept cold but it’s very filling with enzymes that help with digest, not to mention it’s delicious! I love the raisin bread.

We’re hoping to try more recipes soon but tonight is Valentine’s Day so we are going out to dinner. Remember, one cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one salad won’t make you skinny! It’s important to satisfy your cravings at least once a week so that you’re never splurging and over doing it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥


It All Adds Up

Here’s my accountability for the past two days and what work I’ve put in. Some at the gym, some at home, and some in the snow!! Having my Polar fitness watch has made counting my workouts so much easier and I can’t wait to workout and see what my heart rate is going to be and how many calories I’ll burn. It’s only been three days and I feel great!

At home image… workout to come!

image  ←More fun in the snow!

Kinetik Fitness→ imageGym time!

Kinetik Fitness→ imageGym time!

I love sharing these numbers with everyone. I can’t wait to have more at home work outs for everyone to try. I also plan to add recipes and any tips and tricks I can provide. Please remember this is a journey that I’ve just began and I’m looking to have followers through out the journey, not once it’s over. I see so many people on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that have lost a lot of weight but we never see too much progress or how they do it and I want to be motivation and give workouts/meal ideas to have others go along with me. I hope that I can gain more followers so we can all have accountability with each other. Please feel free to follow my blog and email me/comment any questions. I’m happy to help!

FYI: Kinetik Fitness is a gym that is similar to work outs that I do at home only they involved more equipment. No treadmills, ellipticals or steppers, but they have weights, bands, medicine balls, etc. It’s a lot of body weight workouts which is similar to the workouts I do at home. There’s an example of one of my at home work outs in an early post “There’s No Excuse.” I don’t post any workouts that I haven’t done myself. I will do my best to post more workouts as I do them at home! 🙂



Who ever said burning calories isn’t fun?

After my husband and I decided to hit the gym at 3:45pm I was motivated and ready. I couldn’t wait to try my Polar Watch at the gym and then go tanning afterward to prepare for our trip to Florida! On our way to the gym things changed and we ended up going to pick up a snowmobile.

I was extremely disappointed that I wouldn’t get to go to the gym or tan but we were going to my parents house to sled ride with my niece and nephew so I saw that as my opportunity to get some exercise in.

I opt out of the option of riding the snowmobile back up the hill after taking the sled down. I had my Polar Watch set and it turns out I burnt over 500 calories in less than an hour! I was ecstatic!  I told myself I had to at least burn off that glass of wine but my glass of wine plus my lunch was equaled out. Who ever said burning calories isn’t fun? I had a blast going down the hill that it made the calorie-burning climb well worth it.


This is a lesson in working with what you have in your every day surroundings. It’s way too cold for me to run but it wasn’t to cold to put on 10 layers and slide down the hill with two really great kids! Do you have any outdoor work outs that burnt more calories than you would have thought? I would love to hear about them!

There’s no excuse!


I woke up at 6:30 set up my new Polar Watch and did a quick 20 minute workout. It had my heart rate going and burnt 231 calories. Well worth it. Every little bit helps, even if it’s just 20 minutes. Here’s the workout I followed, found on Pinterest.

I went through the work out only twice. I did each exercise for 30 seconds and did my best to not take a break between (I did have to pause to check the next exercise and to move my cat).

Jumping jacks
Wall sit
Push ups
Chair step ups
Tricep dips
High knees
T – rotation push up
Elbow down side plank (each side)

Here are a few pictures to show you the proper form for some of the trickier exercise.

Tricep dip


T – rotation push up



Elbow down side plank

This was after my workout post-shower so please know that I was sweating enough to drip on my blue fitness mat.

Follow my blog for more fitness ideas and work outs. I look forward to having accountability with my followers!

Wake me up and let’s go, go. First fitness post.

As warm as my bed was, and as cuddly as my cat was, I still made it a point to get out of bed this morning and go work out. One thing is for sure, you never regret working out, ever! You may regret not getting that extra hour of sleep or the immense pain you’re in for the rest of the day and into the next, but you never regret doing something a little more for your health, yourself, and those skinny jeans!

I am by no means a skinny girl. I work out 5 days a week, sometimes 6, and still struggle to find clothes that I’m comfortable in, but I’m a work in progress. I like food. End of story. Easy as that. The only thing keeping me from my goals is Middleswarth BBQ chips (if you are not familiar with these chips, keep it that way, they’re a Pennsylvania thing and they’re my weakness) and any kind of dip (chip dip, veggie dip, sweet dip, cheese dip, any dip).

Seeing as my husband and I are reaching an age where everyone wants to know when we have kids it’s something we have to consider before we get too old. I’ve decided that I want to have a body before I lose it.

So allow this to be my accountability blog… I plan to give an idea of my work out (length and calorie burn) and also, what I eat… the good, the bad, and the ugly! Please keep in mind this is not a normal health blog… I love meat, cheeses, and bread. I do not plan to deprive myself, I just plan to make smarter choices and I want to let everyone in on it.

So here’s the dirt that everyone always wants to know, myself included….

Height: 5 feet 4 1/2 inches
Weight: 161lbs
Inches to come…
Jean size: 10 (30)
Shirt size: M/L
Dress size: 10/12

Equipment: Polar Fitness Watch
Gym: Kinetik Fitness — Boot camp style
Other hobbies: Running (when the weather is nice); walking; dancing while drying my hair, Xbox kinetic

I will likely post my dinner from the night before and my breakfast and lunch from the current day. I will always include snacks because I feel that’s where the real accountability lies… if you’re willing to tell the world you had an entire bag of M&M’s and feel that guilt then you’re on the right track.

So I want to thank any future followers who have faith in my goals… I hope to reach my goals through accountability and determination. My goals will be posted in another blog in the near future!